In 2008, when Mayurakshi took up the role of being the creative branding partner of Anjali Jewellers, there were many big players in the market already. These big brands enjoyed a huge market-share and also boasted a considerable brand equity.
Anjali Jewelers, as a brand, was more or less languishing at the bottom and with little brand equity. Though it had all the qualities to become a big brand, it lacked a strong creative strategy. Our challenge was to craft that strategy and make Anjali Jewellers one of the top brands in its category, if not the best.

Solution & Impact

We devised a long-term creative strategy, which included various facets of communication. It all started with a successful campaign. Anjali Jewellers were opening their first showroom out of Kolkata, in Howrah, and we took up this opportunity to build a campaign around it. Thus, the ‘Anjali Chollo Howrah’ (translates to ‘Anjali goes to Howrah’) campaign was created, which made a huge impact immediately. The footfalls at the Howrah showroom exceeded all previous notions. The brand raised some good word-of-mouth promotion through this campaign. Moreover, taking a cue from the success of this campaign, the same format was extended in all its ‘migratory’ campaigns for new stores thereafter to good effect.
However, nothing could rival the success of the next campaign.
Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivals in Bengal. Regardless of religion, people here celebrate the 5 days of sheer festivity to the fullest. Everyone decks up in their best attire during this festival and for the ladies, wearing jewellery is a must.
Interestingly enough, one of the most important and widely known rituals of this festival is called ‘Anjali’ – the divine offering. This inspired us to coin a tagline, which became one of the most famous taglines in Bengali advertising – “Anjali chara pujo hoy na”, which basically means that without Anjali there’s no festivity, the word ‘Anjali’ here serving as a pun. The campaign was a huge hit and has been thereafter continued every year during the Durga Puja festivities. is a must.
We also started developing exclusive Anjali Jewellers diaries and calendars, which were extremely well accepted by the target audience. These have become cherished and exclusive collectibles in the region.
In due course, we created television and radio commercials, which furthered our strategic journey and through a 360 degree solution, including a social media creative solution help strengthen the brand.


Anjali Jewellers now is the market leader in its category, and one of the most visible and trusted brands in Eastern India. We continue to provide the brand with the best branding and creative strategies, which not only enhances the brand and help it maintain the top position, but also empowers it to take major leaps. The presence it enjoys in the market today is our success story.

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