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When the real estate giant Shapoorji Pallonji needed a bunch of boat rockers for the Phase III launch of their largest mass housing project in India, SP Shukhobrishti, they called us in. The name Shapoorji Pallonji is huge when it comes to real estate scene on national scale, but for their largest mass housing project in Kolkata, they needed something which will immediately connect them to the millions of middle income group homes living in and around Kolkata. We were thrilled and excited in this opportunity to make Shapoorji Pallonji’s SP Shukhobrishti the talk of the town.

The first two phase of SP Shukhobrishti had gathered moderate response, and that’s why in the year 2013, when they were about to launch their phase III, they brought us in, to turn things around. With 20,000 apartments over 150 acres of land with 73% open space, the SP Shukhobrishti is poised to be the largest mass housing project in India for middle and lower income group of society. Shukhobrishti had everything from the beginning but what it lacked was the publicity.

Like other realty campaigns we did not make our campaigns handicapped with the tag LIG and MIG, although we did mention the specifications in each segment, and we refrained from procuring any fake gloss that is normally rendered as ‘artist’s impression’ on these standard industry advertisements. Instead we showcased the real facts and figures, highlighted by the real ‘actual photographs’ of the ready-to-be-in-possession flats. Even in our application kit brochure we used real picture of the flats and the site landscaping; testimonials of flat-owners, already living in the previous phases were added to attest the claims. We started a new trend in the advertisement of realty and property advertisements, and now suddenly everybody is following our example. Pardon us for bragging, but facts are such that we cannot help.

To reach out to the potential consumers, we branded two metro trains plying between two ends of the city. It worked as you-could-never-miss signage to the thousands of middle income group and lower income group commuters who regularly ply through these light transit system. We strategically placed billboards in all the major intersections of the city and billboards were also placed in suburbs and district towns, and mobile vans were employed to roam around the streets with the communication message. Print media planning was done in such a way that no one could just miss it.

We knew one thing very clear, almost everyone in this city when travels through the public transport, thinks subconsciously or quite consciously about their future plans. A better home in affordable price is on everyone’s wishlist and to capture this wish fulfilment we used, for the first time in Kolkata, the real site pictures of readymade flats of SP Shukhobrishti in our campaigns.

The excitement around the Shukhobrishti campaign was felt in the market from the very first day. A total stock of 10K Application Kits were sold within an hour of opening of sales counter on the very first day. Some of the branches of our partner bank were vandalized, realtor’s office premise was mobbed, and we, their creative & communication partner, were flooded with numerous queries related to SP Shukhobrishti. Such was the craze around the launch of SP Shukhobrishti Phase III that, later several instances were found out where application kits were resold in 3-4 times higher than the actual price. For the phase III of SP Shukhobrishti more than 65 K brochures were sold and among them about 38 K applications are submitted for the lottery allotments.

Our campaign for SP Shukhobrishti was a big hit. Applications kits flew away in jiffy. Our message ‘It’s raining Happy Homes’ become true in all literal sense, and laurels of our success has made us determined and confident that we will design more such beautiful and effective campaigns for our clients in future.



Before we were entrusted with the mandate of ‘Khadim’s Sona Khazana’, Khadim’s new foray in the craft of gold jewellery making, Khadim’s was already an established brand with high recall value and larger acceptance among the middle-class Bengali populace. The name was synonymous with the image of durable footwear at affordable price. But, with ‘Khadim’s Sona Khazana’, Khadim’s was breaking into a new territory, and everything was supposed to be far removed from their image that already engraved in thousands of minds.

The line extension of Khadim’s needed to fit into a new mould, done up a sash that will subtly speak of luxury, class and elegance. We needed to build a bridge between the existing image of Khadim’s footwear and the new ‘Khadim’s Sona Khazana’. We were adamant that under no circumstance we would let go the existing image that Khadim’s had, a name you can trust whenever you think of affordable footwear and yet we were in search of an avenue where both of these sister brands can move side by side with their own strong and distinctive identities.

Through brainstorming and numerous storms in our tea cups, we finally zeroed into an event- “Khadim’s Khati Sona Awards powered by Khadim’s Sona Khazana”. Whenever we think of Gold, we think of its most coveted attribute- purity. A good handiwork in gold jewellery not only guarantees an aura of opulence and magnificence, it also assures the mark of purity. We attribute purity of everything with the purity of gold, “as pure as gold’ is one of those ultimate compliments that we bestow upon those whom we admire the most. Also, when we look up for a gem of a person, we look up for a heart of gold. And in this quest of recognizing those individuals with heart of gold, we started ‘Khadim’s Khati Sona Awards, celebrating the extraordinary achievements of ordinary individuals’.

We undertook an extensive search for stories of triumphs of human spirits amidst the toils, tribulations and roadblocks of circumstances. 20 such stories were shortlisted, and 10 among them- those rare among the rarest were felicitated in ‘Khadim’s Khati Sona Awards ceremony’ in Science City Auditorium in the year 2007. Through ‘Khadim’s Khati Sona Awards’ we wanted to spread the message that to do good one only needs willpower and a heart of pure gold.

In this journey, we witnessed seas of stories, stories of human perseverance, and stories of triumphs of good over evil. We were overwhelmed; our panel of judges- author Suchitra Bhattacharya, film director Gautam Ghosh and Satyaprasad Ray Burman, founder of Khadim’s deemed all these stories fit for felicitation; to us they all were winners.  In the search of stories of triumph, we got to know, Saidul Islam who thought of selling his kidney to overcome abject poverty but ended up donating his kidney to a person in need, who was much  poorer than Saidul and in worse situation in life.

We were honoured to felicitate Ram Sahani, Tamina Khatun, Saurav Bodok, Ruma Tikadar, Narayan Chakravarty- who never bowed down their heads despite the challenges in life and perils that they had faced and yet won battles triumphantly. We saluted the spirit of a little girl, Chndrani Bhattacharya who never has lost her hope while battling with ‘Brittle Bone Disease’ and passing her exams in flying colours against all odds. We felt privileged to know 45 years old deaf and mute Kotol Das whose honesty was the example of true human spirit; we were awe inspired with the tale of two brothers- Hassanujamman Sheikh gambled against the odds of his life, only to ensure that his younger brother Md. Arif Sheikh gets the best education possible and Md. Arif didn’t disappoint his elder brother, he stood as a topper in Madhyamik exam, scoring over 99%. Our media partners, Big FM and 24 Ghanta channel took up a public opinion poll and by the results of it Saidul Islam was felicitate as the best among them. We met all these brave hearts and felt inspired. Awed, we vowed that we will try at least match our level best in this persevering crusade of good over evil, courage over cowardice, and pure over impure.

The huge positive response we witnessed after ‘Khadim’s Khati Sona Awards’, catapulted the brand Khadim’s Sona Khazana into a brand of eminence and excellence, which is very coveted in the craft of gold jewellery making; without losing any of the common attributes that the famous brand Khadim’s stands for; Kadim’s Sona Khazana won its footings as a maker of pure gold jewellery, a name millions can trust over the purity and the quality of their gold jewelleries. The televised episode of ‘Khadim’s Khati Sona Awards’ garnered such huge positive response but sadly, ‘Khadim’s Khati Sona Awards’ stopped after we parted our ways from Khadim’s Sona Khazana. Although celebrating the excellence of true human spirit has never been stopped, even now the Bengali news channel 24 Ghanta who was our media partner during ‘Khadim’s Khati Sona Awards’, is bearing the torch with ‘Ananyo Samman’- recognizing the extraordinary acts by ordinary people amongst us and it all started with us, in ‘Khadim’s Khati Sona Awards’.



When brand positioning of Monginis in Bengal was almost complete, there emerged a need to penetrate more among its TG and to make Monginis a part of everybody’s life. One of the main chunks of Monginis TG is the school going kids and their parents. We believed that it should be an inter-school competition. Our client came up with an idea of launching an Indian version of Spelling Bee. But there were some problems. First, there are numerous spelling bees happening both internationally and nationally. And being positioned as a pro Bengali brand, Monginis wouldn’t hold a spelling bee in English; it had to be in Bengali. But a Bengali spelling bee would keep out many non Bengali speaking school children and an English spelling bee would alienate the lion’s share of Bengali medium students who are not well versed in the English language like their English medium counterparts. Holding a quiz contest seemed a great idea to some and others proposed holding up art competition instead. But inter-school and intra-school fetes are choc-a-block with both of these events, plus there is BQC, the Bournvita Quiz Contest which has been happening for more than three decades.

But the brains at Mayurakshi thought differently, why not target the most feared subject in our schools’ curriculum- Mathematics! Yes, there is International Maths Olympiad, but that too is far removed from the regular school activities back home. And finally, we zeroed into ‘Monginis Mathemazic’ which not only served the purpose of our client but became a very popular show on its own merit.

We were very much sure of one thing that Monginis Mathemazic will be popular among students; Mathemazic will celebrate the excellence in mathematics and it will also work as an event to dispel the fear that shrouds this much feared subject. We can proudly say that ‘Monginis Mathemazic by Mayurakshi’ delivered all the results we had hoped for.

At Mayurakshi we did an extensive research to execute the event in the best way possible. We did not settle for anything less than the best. Mathemazic is our brain-child, and we made sure that no stones remain unturned in its execution. Because of our tireless endeavours, over the year the popularity of Mathemazic only has increased; Only 69 schools participated when Mathemazic started in 2004 and in its latest instalment, Mathemazic 2012-13, we  proudly witnessed citywide more than 200 schools participated. Mathemazic has two parts. The preliminary ground events are conducted through a competitive written test; from there 8 semi-finalists are selected from each class to participate in the finals– the audio-visual part, which are broadcasted on TV. Mathemazic 2004 Champion of Class VIII – Subhojit Ghosh of St. Joseph’s College Kolkata later topped I.S.C. with a national record of 99.25% marks. The Champion of Class IX in Monginis Mathemazic 2009 – Anurag Poddar of Don Bosco, Liluah secured all-India 3rd rank in I.S.C. 2013 Examination. He got 98.5% marks in aggregate with a 100 in Mathematics. Sagnik Saha, the champion of class IX in 2010, has won the silver medal in International Mathematics Olympiad 2013.  These achievers have created their success stories on their own merit but it was Monginis Mathemazic where they were first noticed by all; Mathemazic was the ideal stepping stone for them.

Despite all of its popularity we take the strictest measure to ensure the quality of the event. The screening of the participants are done by their own school teachers; only three participants are allowed to participate from each class of a particular school, and this means only the best minds in maths do take part in Mathemazic from the class V to class IX from each participating schools; to maintain this highest form of excellence no individual participation is allowed. Each year, Monginis Cake Shops get flooded with the requests and queries from the parents and school children about the individual participation in this highly coveted event. The amount of popularity Mathemazic has gathered has made our client Monginis the most popular cake shops among the school children in Kolkata and its vicinity.


A decade ago when we took the responsibility of Monginis account, the brand was nowhere in the market in dominance that now it commands, while upwardly mobile Kolkatans used to pay occasional visits at the hallowed portals of Flury’s, Nahoum’s or Kookie Jar. In the scene of Bakery chains- Kathleen and Upper Crust were much popular brands and so was Sugar & Spice. Folks at Monginis Cake Shop were ambitious and were eager to place Monginis as the market leader. We also had faith that with right positioning, Monginis will soon become the bakery behemoth.

But before becoming a brand for the mass, any brand must go through a crucible test of creating acceptability among their potential audience; they must create a high recall value for themselves. The initial two-fold problems that we were thrown in: one, the brand Monginis had no specific identity among people; two, people around the city had no idea on how to pronounce the word Monginis.

The market was littered with different versions of pronunciation of the same word, some said it as ‘Mong-ee-neez’, while others vigorously nodded heads and said, it must be ‘Mong-aa-neez’, while the actual pronunciation should has been ‘Mon-ni-nih’, the Italian name from which the brand has its name. Also the common trend among the city’s bakeries were to position themselves as more of an ‘anglophile’, a colonial hangover which we understood better to avoid if we need to reach out to the millions of Bengali middle income group households. We needed to position Monginis as a pro Bengali brand. And thus, one day, the famous tagline was created- “Mon-er Jinis Monginis”. Overnight two things happened, the brand Monginis got its strong Bengali (not Bong!) identity, it became the household name and much loved at it, to the millions of Bengali households; and secondly, the confusion over Monginis pronunciation got resolved!

Now if you say ‘Monginis’, often the person near you reciprocates by saying– “Mon-er Jinis Monginis”, such has been the penetration of this tagline.